Honey and Lemon Cold Remedy

I’d seen a few people mention this on the internet so I thought I’d make some myself, since I needed to do something with all the lemons we brought back from California (see Roses and Citrus) and I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone in the family needed it!

Our local health food store sells local honey in bulk – they have containers there, or you can bring along your own container and they will weigh it before and after you fill it so you just pay for the honey you pour into it. I had some empty Mason jars, so I cleaned one thoroughly before I took it to the store and filled it with honey. I also bought a small stem of ginger – about 2 inches long.

Once home, I cleaned a second jar and washed one of the lemons I had sitting in the fridge. Since the lemons are rather large I decided to use just one. I cut it in half, cut off the ends, cut each half into half again, picked out the seeds, and cut each lemon slice into eight pieces. I put the pieces from one half into the empty Mason jar.

Next, I peeled the ginger with a potato peeler, cutting off the ends and some of the knobby bits: then I grated half the ginger into the jar on top of the lemon. Finally I added about half the honey to the jar with the lemon and ginger and stirred it all up. I then added the other half of the lemon to the original honey jar, grated the rest of the ginger, and stirred it all up before putting both jars into the fridge.


Not an hour later my daughter got home from school and announced she was getting a cold. Although internet posters had suggested letting the lemon and honey sit for 24 hours before using, we poured a mug of hot water and added about a dessert spoon of the honey to it. She sipped it rather warily at first, then drank it down and asked for another mug full!

To be honest, I cannot claim that the honey mix really cured her cold, but it certainly did seem to help stop it from developing into something major, and, judging by the number of cups she had (she even took some in a travel mug to school) she certainly thought it was helping, and sometimes I think that is half the battle!

I made another batch to send back to college with son when he came home last weekend. We’ve pretty much finished the first jar that I made, and now Bob is making his way through the second – we will see if this helps him at all.

Note: This post is written in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt “Teach Your (Bloggers) Well”


Roses and Citrus: yes, really.

A couple of days ago, in response to a WordPress weekly challenge “Cliffhanger” I wrote a tease about Roses and Citrus. Now it is time for the big reveal!

Sorry for any let down, but it is, in fact, just what the title says it is: roses and citrus.

We brought them home with us from the desert: three bulging bags of citrus – grapefruit, lemons, oranges – and a bunch of rosebuds. They are the tangible reminder that our little house is waiting for us down there, nestled under the palm trees, basking in the California sunshine as we slip and slide and shovel our way through the snows and inversions of a Montana winter.

IMG_2077The roses – multi-colored and sweetly scented. They were at their best all over Christmas and New Year and now a week has passed since I went into the garden as the sun rose over the desert and snipped all the buds I could find, wrapped a soaking wet paper towel around them, placed them in a plastic bag with some more water, and found a spot in the car where I hoped they wouldn’t get squashed. They are beginning to fade now, and a few petals have dropped onto the table, but a faint scent remains.

IMG_2078The citrus – a golden bounty of vitamin C.  Sweet pink grapefruit and slightly tart oranges from our neighbor’s trees that hang heavy on our side of the fence – she likes us to pick them so that they don’t fall to the ground and attract unwelcome 4-footed visitors, and we are happy to oblige! The lemons, some almost as big as the grapefruit, are from our own tree that sits in front of our house for our neighbors to help themselves when we are not there.

We’ve been eating the grapefruit for breakfast and I’ve been looking up marmalade recipes for the oranges; some of the lemons are going to friends, and I know I’ll be making a lemon pound cake next time our son comes home. Yesterday I cut up one of the larger lemons and put the pieces into a couple of mason jars along with some grated fresh ginger and honey – I’ll take spoonfuls of honey and add it to some hot water to help soothe the colds and sore throats that are sure to come our way before winter is over.IMG_2082

Roses and Citrus: come to think of it, that could be be a pretty good metaphor for the way we divide our live between our two homes!