It was supposed to be a red velvet cake.

Yesterday I tried to bake a red velvet cake.

It was supposed to turn out something like this, which is the red velvet cake I made for Valentine’s Day last year.


But it didn’t.

I used the same recipe as last year – and the same baking pans (at least I think I did).

It looked more brown than red.

It overflowed the pans (fortunately I’d put a baking sheet on the shelf below the pans – unfortunately I’d filled them to the top without thinking instead of saving some of the batter for cupcakes or something else)

One of the layers sank.

The same layer that sank refused to exit the pan gracefully (oh yes, I remembered to grease and flour the pans) .

It looks so bad that I am too embarrassed to take a photo of it.

Fortunately the frosting helped cover some of the flaws.

But it looks rather lopsided.

I obviously did not inherit Grandma Saunders’ cake-baking gene (but I’ve known that for a long time).

Ah well – at least it still tastes good!