Five Friday Favorites – Love Themes

It’s Friday and it’s Valentine’s Day. So of course today we have to look at love.

I got up a little early this morning and surprised the family by decorating the kitchen (I surprised myself by remembering where I’d put the decorations when I took them down last year!). Even daughter got up early, so I was able to make her a special breakfast before the dog appeared, closely followed by Dad, and then we opened our cards (we tend to go for the goofy rather than the lovey-dovey in our family) before she left for school.

I’m the PTA high school coordinator, so I followed her in to school armed with a heavy bag of Valentine’s candies and put them in a big bowl by the Office for the kids, with a Happy Valentine’s Day from your PTA sign. It’s hard, sometimes, to find ways to show our teenagers that we care for and appreciate them without making them feel awkward, but I have a feeling the Hershey’s hugs and kisses will disappear during the day as the kids make their way between classes.


Here are five of my favorites on the theme of love.

Movie: “Casablanca”

Novel: “Pride andĀ Prejudice”, Jane Austen

Opera: “Madam Butterfly”, Puccini

Poem: “The Sun Rising”, John Donne

Song: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, Elvis Presley


Do you have your own Five Favorites?


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