Roses and Citrus

Roses and Citrus: now, this might sound like a title for a movie – one of those slow-moving beautifully photographed, moody, long-on-talk-and-short-on-action dramas that’s up for an award, starring Maggie Smith and Judi Dench, say, or Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson, or even the unlikely duo of Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary to you Downton fans) and Sylvester Stallone! On the other hand, it could be a snappy little intro for a blog entry about my children, or a couple of my aunts, or even the two slightly eccentric sisters who lived in the same village as my parents. Could it be the name of a new spa that is about to open in town? One of those places where a waif, named Sunshine Lettuce Leaf by her flower child parents, exfoliates your skin with a concoction made from organic fruits and exotic salts before her colleague, Willow, waves equally organic aromatic oils in front of you to determine which relaxing floral extract she will use for your massage. Maybe it is an exercise in “My First Piano Book” – along with “Soldiers Marching” and “Ducks on a Lake”, or possibly an article for one of those rather chichi gourmet food magazines.

All of them possibilities – and none of them remotely close. But since I am writing this piece in response to the WordPress weekly writing challenge “Cliffhanger“, you are going to have to wait another day or two to find out what, in fact, it is all about!


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