A little bit of tidying up outside.

Today dawned sunny and clear after a few gloomy snowy days, so I decided to get out into the garden and do some post-winter tidy-up. Shadow decided to tag along and make sure I didn’t get into any trouble.


First, I took down the driveway markers. We put the driveway markers in the ground along the driveway in the fall for the snowplow man so he can see where he’s going and doesn’t plow the lawn or the flower beds by mistake. Now, of course, we will probably get a big dump of snow. But the snow disappears quickly these days, and if he does have to come it will be light enough for him to see where he is going.


Next I did a little bit of tidying up on the lawn where Shadow had decided it was too cold or too dark, or both, to go all the way to the hillside to do her “business”. Now the snow has gone, we’ve found you out girl!


The melting snow also revealed a little antler to add to Em’s collection!


Then I rolled up the electric cord that we used to light the Christmas lights on one of the evergreens (I’ll get this all into the garage before next winter, I promise),


and put away the big shovel we use to chip away ice on the driveway.


I think the snow shovels had better stay out for a little longer though,


and I’m going to have to wait for T to come home from school to get this back up.


Finally, I sprayed all the green shoots I could find so that the deer wouldn’t snack on them. Hopefully.


Shadow found a sunny spot to keep watch from.


After I’d finished I washed up with the lovely gardener’s soap Bob gave me for my birthday a year or so ago. He got me several bars, and I still have one left. It’s English. I love it.

Now Spring, would you please just hurry up and get here!


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