Now for some paint!

Calling all actual and would-be interior decorators!

Now that we have the carpet and the sofa for the den/office, we are turning our attention to the walls, which are currently plain white (because that was the quickest thing to do to clean the place up after we bought the house). We’d like to paint them so the room isn’t quite so bland, and over the weekend we were discussing possible colors.

So I wondered – what suggestions do you have for a color? Remember, it’s the California desert, not the Montana mountains, so we want something light. Plus it is a “California mid-century modern” bungalow in style. The room measures approximately 11ft square.

Should we pick a blue or a beige from the lamp? Or go with a cream or an ivory or an almond?

No prizes – but we’ll be interested to get your suggestions. Once we’ve done the walls we’ll probably pick a couple more throw cushions in a toning color for the sofa.

And no prizes either for spotting where the desk chair used to sit!


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