The Sleeper Sofa That Could

The Desert Oasis is going to be full to overflowing for spring break in a couple of weeks, so on top of my To-Do list when I was down there last month was purchasing a sleeper sofa for the little den/office room. With six weeks until it was needed, I was hopeful I would find one that we could get delivered in time. I’d done my research on the internet, so I had a good idea of styles, quality and prices.

My first stop was a warehouse-style furniture store, the kind of place that I usually try to avoid because the sales people are hovering at the door, waiting to swoop down, like vultures, and attach themselves to you. However, I knew it would have as good a selection as any, and that the prices on the name-brand furniture would be discounted, so off I went. I was lucky enough to be spotted by a not-too-predatory sales assistant who turned out to be quite helpful and knowledgable, and I found some models that I liked that were in my price range. However, I just couldn’t find a color that I wanted, let alone one that would work with the new carpet.

Over the next couple of days I visited a department store, more furniture stores, and a couple of discount places, but I still couldn’t find anything that I felt happy with – and some that I sat on felt that they wouldn’t last five minutes.

Finally, a friend recommended a company that makes its own furniture to order. I would normally have driven right by – in fact the building is so inconspicuous that first time I went there I really did drive right by and had to make a series of interesting lane changes and U-turns to get back to it. Although it was Sunday, the store was open. The moment I stepped in I knew I was in the right place. There were sofas and armchairs of every conceivable shape and size and color, and a long wall of fabric samples. Here was a place where I could find exactly the style I wanted (straight arms, curved arms, one cushion, two, three cushions, skirt or bare legs), and the size I wanted, and pick a fabric that would look perfect in that room. The gentleman working that day was extremely polite, and even showed me a choice of mattresses that were certainly a step up from the flimsy ones I remembered from my first sleeper sofa. I eventually discovered he was the owner. He said he only works there at the weekend, because he lets his staff have the day off; during the week he is at the shop where the furniture is made.

The company’s brochure proudly claims that the furniture will be delivered “in about a week”. I was sceptical, but the owner assured me that if I needed the sofa by April 1st then so long as I got my order in by, say, March 15th that would be plenty of time.

In the end I let Bob have the final say when he went down a couple of days after I returned to Montana. Like me, he made it his first priority, and this past Monday afternoon, amid a flurry of phone calls, text messages and photos, we agreed on a choice of fabric (we’d already settled on the style), and he placed the order for the sofa.

Today is Sunday.

The sofa was delivered yesterday morning.

That means it was made, from start to finish, in just FOUR days!

Highpoint, eat your heart out.


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