From Snowfall to Sandals

I’ve been at our little house in the California desert for almost a week now, enjoying the warmth and blue skies and the color of our personal oasis.

The snow was falling softly as Bob drove me to the airport early last Wednesday morning, and our takeoff was delayed a few minutes to let the de-icing truck spray the plane. Some fellow passengers, a little too tired of winter, were already dressed for their destination in shorts, t-shirts and sandals – lucky they hadn’t had to push the truck out of a snowbank on their way to the airport!

In Seattle it was overcast, and a light drizzle greeted us as I made my way down the steps and into the terminal, retrieving my carry-on from the à la carte as I did so. The layover gave me enough time to have breakfast and check in with home before making my way to the gate for my flight to Palm Springs.

A little over two hours later I was trundling my suitcase along the shaded walkway to my rental car. Although the desert had been hit with a cool snap, the 60 degree sunshine felt plenty warm to me! When I pulled up to our house my eyes were almost dazzled with the riot of color from the pansies, petunias and bougainvillea planted and lovingly cared for by our gardener. As it happened, I arrived on the day he visits our house, and he chuckled as I  exclaimed at the green grass, explaining that I hadn’t seen the lawn in Montana since around Thanksgiving.

I ran inside the house and opened the blinds to let the sunlight stream in, then I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my socks and slipped into the pair of sandals I’d left here when we departed last summer. I stepped out onto the patio and held my face up to the warm sun. On the air was the scent of citrus blossom. It was good to be back.


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