Cood du pleede pasd de tisdudes?


We’ve been sick. All of us. Even the dog. Even our son away at college.

We all had something different: cough, cold, sore throat, upset tummy.

As for the dog – well, she had a cough; but what she had after she got some left-overs is better forgotten. Let us just say one of us who shall be nameless (i.e. me) found ourselves walking her several times a night (I must admit that, although it was cold, it was strangely peaceful and beautiful, with the full moon on the snow giving enough illumination to not need a flashlight), and some carpets had to be cleaned.

But now life is better. Daughter has not asked for “anudder bokd of tisdudes, de oneds wid lotun”, son is spluttering less on the phone, husband has returned to the land of the living, my throat no longer feels like I’m swallowing broken glass, and the dog, now firmly limited to doggie food only, hasn’t coughed for several days.

Sometimes you have to get sick just to realize how good it feels to be healthy!


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