Where will the nutcrackers go?


I’ve just about finished putting away the Christmas ornaments.

And once again this year I wonder where they will go next December. Will the nutcrackers still line up on the family room mantelpiece, will the tree stand in the big bay window overlooking the valley, and will the stockings hang on the stair rail? Or will we – hopefully – have to find new places for them?

You see, our house is for sale. It has been for sale for over a year. It has been a wonderful family home, but now the birds are beginning to fly the nest (one gone, one still at home), and we parents are thinking more and more about snowbirds instead.

It is time to “downsize” as they say.

The little house in the California desert is getting fixed up (oh boy – another story!), and we have a lot on which to build the summer house – when this is sold (watch this blog!)

Now, we just need somebody to buy our house.


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