Why Uddza? What’s in a name?

The card read “Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and Udza”.

My new husband was confused.

Finally he realized that the well-wisher was referring to me!

It was something I’d long ago become used to. My parents blessed me with a Gaelic name that is difficult to hear, spell or pronounce, and “Udza” was the latest, and to this day one of the more spectacular, massacres of it.

Now, when I started to think of a witty and succinct title for my blog, it didn’t take long to realize, as doubtless many of you have also realized, that all of the witty and succinct blog titles I came up with had been claimed long ago.

I began to despair.

Goodness, I thought to myself, I should have started this at the start of the millenium, while there were still nifty titles to be had!

Then I remembered “Udza”. Cautiously I typed it into Google. Up came a page full of references to USDA, but NO UDZA!  Aha! I did a triumphant little wiggle in my chair.

But wait. What, I wondered, of those poor unfortunates who Googled USDA and accidently found themselves on Udza, reading about “life, love, laughter … and tea”? One the one hand this could drive up my readership numbers, but on the other, the USDA might not find it very amusing, and one does not want to risk upsetting a government department.

So I played around with a few variations, and “Uddza” was born.

Welcome to my small corner of the blogosphere. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


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